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Large Group Camping and Events at Summit Prairie

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Summit Prairie can be the perfect place for your wedding, family reunion or large group camping.  Ideal for groups from 20-30 people, you'll have the entire 160 acres to yourself including the lookout.

You can rent additional equipment anywhere from a party tent to table settings to games - even a beer dispenser and coolers! So no need for hauling equipment or expensive party rental.

We can refer you to caterers, musicians, floral designers - anyone to make your event happen with the least amount of hassle.

Prices start at $450 per night for up to 20 people plus $10 per person per night over 20 up to 30 people.  Bookings are available for either Thursday to Monday (4 nights) or Monday to Thursday (3 nights).

We allow large groups to book in advance of opening our calendar to the general public each year so reserve your dates soon!

Please email us at to discuss various options and available dates.

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