The Summit Prairie Lookout

From $200 per night

Accommodates up to 4

1 queen-sized bed

2 twin-sized beds

Booking at https://www.airbnb.com/h/summitprairie


Our 2021 season will run April 1, 2021 through mid-November, 2021.  We will start booking new guests for our 2021 season at 9 a.m. Pacific Time on February 28th, 2021 for April/May/June/July bookings and at 9 a.m. Pacific Daylight Saving Time on June 6th, 2021 for August/September/October bookings.  We will book November after fire season is over, probably early October. 

We will continue our 4 night minimum - check in Thursday, check out Monday and 3 night minimum - check in Monday, check out Thursday.  Check in/check out days will be Mondays and Thursdays only and we won't have any 2 or 1 night stays.

We can only take about 60 reservations per year and there will be hundreds of guests trying to get a booking when we open the calendar.  We allow our previous guests priority booking each year and they usually book about the half the season and almost all of the summer weekends prior to opening our calendar to the general public.

Make sure you open at least a few emails from us - our email program will purge you from our list if you don't open 5 emails in a row so that we don't continue to accumulate email addresses from people who aren't interested.

You can Like the Summit Prairie on FaceBook, follow us on Instagram or visit www.summitprairie.com for the latest updates.

If you'd like to be on our 2021 Booking Notification List, please complete the form above...


Several of our booked guests have contacted us asking us to please stay open so they have an opportunity to get away and relax in a relatively safe environment. We understand. We are trying to be socially responsible while at the same time meeting the wishes and needs of our guests. We really want to see you, but also to keep us all safe.


Like all other businesses, we are taking extra measures to make sure the spaces are as clean and safe as possible, paying special attention to surfaces most frequently touched. Obviously we can't guarantee anything, but we are doing all we can to reduce the risk to you as well as to ourselves. We have only 2 reservations per week. Our guests check out by 11 a.m., we completely disinfect the lookout along with leaving blankets and pillows out on the deck to air out in the sunshine and fresh air. The doors and windows to the lookout are left open to air out until the next guest arrives after 4 p.m. that afternoon. No one else but the two of us will be here during your stay. And we live in our Summer House about 500 feet away from the lookout.

If you do decide to come, consider staying here during your entire visit. That’s not a bad thing. There are plenty of things to do here - hiking, soaking in the hot tub, watching the deer in the meadow, and there are lots of games and books on the shelves of the lookout. Simply being quiet and apart from the hurt of the world right now is worth it.

If you do decide to cancel, we will fully refund anyone, at any time, regardless of the reason, no questions asked. Should you decide to cancel, we would of course prefer that you do that sooner rather than later but we realize that isn't always possible.  Also, if you're not feeling well, please cancel, even if it is last minute - we totally understand!

We respect your decisions. And look forward to hosting you at Summit Prairie.



1. Make sure your Airbnb profile is filled out completely including a clear photograph of yourself, what city you are from and a little bit about yourself. Our intention is not to discriminate against anyone but when we see an incomplete profile we feel like a guest is trying to hide something.


2. Have all of your credit card information completed on your profile. Booking will happen very quickly and you will not have time to add credit card information when the calendar opens.


3. We typically book our season at a specific date and time. 4 night stays (Thursday through Monday) at 9:00 a.m. and our 3 night stays (Monday through Thursday) at 9:30 a.m. Check back here over the winter for the specific booking dates or visit the summitprairie website and sign-up for our Booking Notification List/Cancellation Notification List.

4. Refresh your browser frequently. The entire booking window this year lasted less than 2 minutes. Don't worry about sending us a message when you send us your booking request - someone else will grab the dates while you're typing your message! After the calendar appears full, continue to check back over the first 48 hours - guests frequently get overly excited when booking and dates that appear to have been booked end up opening up again. We will announce on the site when all dates are filled and booking is completed.

5. Be flexible on your dates. Most of the weekend dates and summer mid-week will already have been booked by our previous guests so most of the dates available will be early season (April/May) or late season (October/November).  


6.  Once you book your dates, you won't be able to change them as we will be completely booked for the season.  You also will not be able to change the number of nights but you can cancel your reservation and if we're able to rebook the dates, we will give you a 90% refund (this is less strict than the Airbnb strict cancellation policy of 50% refund up to 2 weeks prior to arrival and no refund 1 week prior to arrival).


7. If you're unable to get a booking, visit the summitprairie website and click on Booking Information.  Or send an email to summitprairie at the email of the world's most popular search engine (starts with a G) and we'll add you to our Cancellation Notification List. We usually get 5 to 6 cancellations during the season and the sooner you get on the list, the more chances you will get to book.


8. Finally, we do know that it is a complete hassle to book with us so we are extremely appreciative of you guys that stick with us through this process!!

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you someday at the Summit Prairie!

The Summit Prairie is located near Tiller, Oregon, deep within the Umpqua National Forest