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Booking on this site today, June 1, 2023 is for

Preious Guests - if you missed getting a booking, email us at
before June 4th and we'll let you know what is still available.

Booking 2023

Our 2023 "regular" season will run from March 30th through mid-November. We'll keep our fingers crossed that we don't have to close due to wildfires!


Just like last year, we will be booking previous guests on this website,  If you still would like to book on Airbnb, please check the calendar on the site when we open it and then send an email to We'll hold the dates for you and let you book them on Airbnb (you will have to pay the Airbnb booking fee...)  


For April/May/June/July bookings, we will open the calendar at 9:00 am Pacific Time on Thursday, February 23rd, 2023 and will only accept bookings from previous guests. We then will close the calendar until we reopen to the general public at 9:00 am on February 26th. We will book all new guests on the Airbnb website, not the Summit Prairie website. 

2023 Minimum Stays and Pricing
We offer a 4 night stay from Thursday until Monday or a 3 night stay from Monday until Thursday. When we open the calendar at 9:00 am Pacific Time on Thursday, June 1st, 2023, we will be booking Thursday to Monday night stays only (4 nights). At 9:15 am we will book Monday to Thursday stays (3 nights). Be sure to refresh your browser frequently so the site reflects the current night minimums.  
The rate for Sunday through Thursday nights is $250 per night and the rate for Friday and Saturday night is $275 per night. The fee for the 3rd and 4th guest will remain at $20 per guest per night and $10 per guest per night for additional camping guests. If you're unsure of exactly how many additional guests you'll be having, just make the reservation for the minimum number that you know will be coming and we can settle up on the balance right before you arrive.
If you are unable to get a booking on the previous guest booking date, you are welcome to try to get a booking on the new guest date of February 26th, 2023 at 9 a.m. Pacific Time. We have 1,600 names on that list so it will be very competitive to get a booking. We will be booking New Guests on the Airbnb site, After February 26th, we will be completely booked for Spring/Early Summer 2023.
If you would like to come in August/September/October, we will repeat this process in early June before we open to the general public on June 4th. We'll send you an email in late May to remind you. We will book November dates after fire season is over, probably early October, in case we have to move guests around due to fires or smoke.




Since Alan and I are now both in our mid-60’s and 70’s, we are finding it more difficult to live off grid full time during our season. With this in mind, we are exploring different options for you. Last year we hired someone to do "turnovers" for us when we were not there, but that proved to be somewhat sporadic. In the event we are unable to have someone to do a turnover, or we aren't there ourselves to do the turnover, we will leave a laundry bag with clean bed linens and towels for you, along with instructions on cleaning up when you leave. We do plan to be at Summit Prairie for at least a week or so each month to make sure everything is thoroughly cleaned, in good working order and supplies are stocked.


We will let you know a few days in advance whether or not we will be there or if someone will be able to be there to prepare the place for you. If we or someone else will not be able to be there, we will refund you $100 (the amount we would have paid someone to turnover the place for you). We realize that this may not be everyone's idea of a great vacation, so please be aware of that before you book. 

At this point we have yet to pin down exactly when we'll be at Summit Prairie each month. It will have a lot of do with who our guests are and what our personal schedule is like. More than likely we'll be there at the end of the month/beginning of the following month but again, those dates aren't set quite yet.
Forest Thinning
Our forest thinning project that we have been involved in for the last few years is almost complete. There is a possibility that some work might still be going on while you are there but we will do our best to keep the workers out of sight and out of earshot while you are there.

Large Group Camping and Week Long stays
We are offering the Summit Prairie for Large Group Camping (20-30 campers) however we are almost completely booked for those events. Let us know if you'd like to be on a wait list and email us before the end of this year if you want us to hold dates for you in 2024. You can find more information on the "Large Group Events" tab of our website, Also, we're holding dates for guests that want to book a week or longer stay - we realize that with our booking system it would be impossible to book a contiguous week so let us know and we'll hold an entire week for you. Entire week bookings have become very popular this year and we have very few contiguous weeks left.
Winter at Summit Prairie
We will be open again during the winter so if you miss getting a booking during our regular season, we do have a several dates available in late February and early March, 2023 before we head back down there to get ready for our season in late March. Email us if you're interested and we'll see if we can figure out some dates that work for you.
Winter at Summit Prairie is for previous guests only, and not for the faint of heart! You might get lucky and have snow or you might get unlucky and have snow! So far this year we have had very little snow but of course, that could always change. The price is $100 per night, no minimum nights, no maximum nights, no cleaning fee and no fee for additional guests. You will need to bring your own pillows, blankets, sheets, towels, dish towels and you need to clean up after yourself and take the trash with you.  And as usual, pets are not allowed.
And finally...
Please feel free to email us prior to the booking date if you have any questions about the procedure. Take care and we look forward to seeing you this season at the Summit Prairie!

Dabney & Alan

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